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Brand story

Curious what inspires our shop and collections?

Meet our founder

Founded by Sofie, Florentine is not just a brand; it's a heartfelt homage to Sofie's grandmother, whose sense of style left a mark on Sofie's aesthetic sensibilities. She embodied the essence of understated beauty and effortlessly chic fashion. Sofie's memories of her grandmother's impeccable wardrobe serve as the guiding inspiration for Florentine. It is in her honor that our shop curates collections that echo the timeless sophistication and charm, while remaining perfectly attuned to modern trends.

Florentine, where timeless elegance meets effortless style.

Florentine’s mission is to curate a collection that breathes modern femininity by offering a selection of clothing that easily blends sophistication and comfort. Whether you're seeking the perfect wardrobe essentials or statement pieces to elevate your style, Florentine is your destination for refined fashion.

More about Sofie

Meet the brains behind our fashion webshop; the founder Sofie! She's not just a boss – she’s a proud ’94 kid. The one fashion item she can't live without? A killer blazer that adds flair to any look. When she's not running her fashion business, she's an event manager and a mom to two awesome kiddos, Jeanlou and Joelie.

Her guilty pleasures couldn’t be more typical Belgian: French fries and dame blanche. Fueling her day with two cups of coffee, she works out three times a week at Focus-On. Her friends? They're more than just friends; they're "framily". From sunrise to sunset, tunes from Spotify are her daily soundtrack. 

She's always down for a good meal and loves turning simple dinners into fun gatherings. 
Sofie blends family, fashion, and fun into one fabulous life.

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We're always open to collabs, press coverage and stylists. Don't hesitate to drop us a line!

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